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gwtClassRun is definitely not standing still. It is currently undergoing improvement in term of architecture and added features in slate of its final release of version 1.0. One of the major changes involve replacing XML file processing by NanoXML , a extremely compact Java XML Parser. Current release of gwtClassRun is using plain string manipulation for processing gwt.xml file which make it less scalable and flexible. By using a XML Parser, the code is more maintainable and extensible. Apart from this, gwtClassRun will include option for JavaScript Obfuscation and for turning off sound. So stay tuned…

There is a post on NanoXML,

The proliferation of XML for data interchange and configuration file format have resulted in numerous open-source Java XML Parser libraries (left image). Indeed, Java includes its own full-fledged XML library obviating the need to download additional XML library. However, the in-built and majority open-source Java XML Parsers tend to suffer from few major problems ranging like complexity and bloated size, and this tend to be normal rather than exceptional. This is because the majority of  Java XML Parsers are designed for enterprise usage and therefore the latest XML technologies like XPATH, SCHEMA are integrated into the libraries resulting in increasing sophistication and bloat. Moreover, most of these libraries actually reuse additional external libraries which greatly increase its size and complexity and prohibit its widespread usage in development of desktop and mobile applications (majority of open-source projects suffer from poor documentation and support). In addition, the large library size and overwhelming complexity are just overkill if one just want to use XML in rudimentary way (like configuration file, data download through Web 2.0 service eg Amazon). Therefore a simple and easy-to-program solution is needed if one want to deploy a mobile, applet, desktop solution that will be downloaded and deployed.

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