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This is my first welcome blog for GeekyWare. So what is exactly  GeekyWare ? To cut it short, GeekyWare is the site where I will distribute and support self-developed free software. GeekyWare is my first ‘experiment’ to leverage on WordPress’s capability and WordPress.com’s infrastructure by harnessing its strong blogging feature, widget support and generous free storage to build and market my own brand of software. My objective is to encourage and to demonstrate the use of blogware to support the product and aspiration of a software developer. I foresee a long challenging route ahead but the experience and learning make along the way will surely make the journey worthwhile.

As you can see, the site is still undergoing construction. There are still lot of things left to be done in setting up a software site. Things like logo, site design, site feature, and all sort of things that are essential for positive user experience. Nonetheless, I taking it one at a time to make sure that things aren’t too rush. A journey start with a single step. Yes, everyday feels like a journey, and each journey needs to be broken down into short achievable destination so that one can feel a sense of achievement frequently to persist on.

So what kind of software am I developing ? For a start, desktop productivity application that I myself will find dispensable and time-saving. If it save me time, it will probably save yours too. Talking about eating own dog food !

So stay tuned for exciting software coming your way Tongue out. This day 4May2008 will be remember as the day GeekyWare is born officially Party


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